Post on Adults Fearing YA at Book Riot

Over at Book Riot today, I wrote about what it is that grown-ups fear about YA books. I wrote and rewrote and rerewrote this post many times over the last few weeks, so I am thrilled by the response. Even the crazy troll response hit the nail on the head.

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    Kelly, I didn't want to respond over there, because geezum, Crazy Troll is Crazy, but I wanted to say thank you for your courage in writing, in being articulate and passionate about advocating for YA and children's lit, and books in general and for your general awesomeness. ☺

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    It was a great article! Very diplomatic and well thought. I wonder those "adults" have a grudge against… literature?? Do they think that because something is not written, it's not happening? Or even better, if we don't read about sex, drugs, demons and aliens, we won't practice it/know of it? Okay, maybe the aliens part, but still.

    I love books about serial killers, I yet have to become one myself.

    Some adults need to understand that the need of information changes from time to time. While 60 years ago we were happy with the way couples "kissed" on tv, nowadays we want something more real.

    Or maybe we should go back and make a taboo of writing anything that my "influence" teenagers.

    There is something called parental control. If you really don't want your children to read Judy Blume (or something else), then get involved in what they're reading and tell them what to read; they are your children and it's your home. But don't expect the rest of us to follow your paranoid reasoning.

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