Links of Note: June 22, 2013

This display for YA road trip books is so awesome. Go read Molly Wetta’s post about putting it together in her teen department and be inspired to do something similar with your own space. 

This might be one of my favorite collections of interesting links in a long time. It’s shorter than usual, but there is a lot to take in, so let’s go for it. And if there’s something I’ve missed in the last couple of weeks, let me know in the comments.

  • Kicking off next month is this awesome project by Kody Keplinger and Corrine Duyvis called Disability in YA. I will be watching this like crazy because I am eager to see what they’re talking about when it comes to disabilities and representation in YA lit. Such an important and under discussed topic. I think this will be a mega resource for anyone who works with teens. 
  • Someone asked me a few months ago if there was a “So you want to read middle grade?” series that was similar to the “So you want to read YA?” series we run here. Enter Sarah at Green Bean Teen Queen, who is kicking off a middle grade series for those who want to start reading more of it. 
  • Here’s an ambitious project that I have been waiting for: Recaptains. Remember when you read book one in a series a long time ago and forgot what happened at the end but you still want to read book two? Here’s where they spoil the books for you so you can carry on with the series and not need to reread the book. 
  • Why not make card catalog art? One Greenfield, Massachusetts librarian did just that. 
  • June is pride month, and even though we haven’t done anything here, I’ve collected a couple of really worthwhile reads on the topic. First, Anna has a great post over at gay ya about getting queer YA out there (including how to be a good reader AND how to be a  great librarian who knows where to find and how to promote these books) and Rebecca has a guest post over at Housequeer about queer YA fiction and MORE queer YA fiction.
  • Linda over at NPR’s Monkey See wrote a really interesting and sad post about how there are no films out there right now which feature women. I have to say more broadly, there’s been nothing of interest to me at the theater in months. I’m picky with movie watching, but there’s usually at least something which I want to see. But this year? I’ve seen nothing and have put nothing on my must-see list. 
I had a post over at Book Riot this week you can check out, too — 15 awesome young adult book cover inspired manicures. Do you have any idea how fun it is to spend hours looking at images of people’s incredible nail art? Meanwhile, I try to paint my nails one color and it is a disaster. 
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    I discovered Recaptains a couple months ago and am really glad it's around! It's saved me a couple times already, especially when I've waited a year between books in a series. Hopefully other people find it useful as well!

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    I'm very excited to see Tiger Eyes! Obviously, that's just one women-led movie in a sea of masculinity, but I wanted to mention it. Later this year, I'm looking forward to Catching Fire and Ender's Game, the latter of which has some strong female characters played by some great young women actresses!

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