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I need some help from you!

As you know, I’m on a committee that’s charged with developing a list of books for the college bound and for life long learners. I talked a bit about it in depth here.

This isn’t a list of classics but rather, a list of books that sort of capture the current zeitgeist. They’re books that round out an education or books that give insight into interesting topics and ideas that spur thinking.

Since I have been reading more and more YA, I haven’t been as good about reading good non-fiction that’s published in the last 5 or so years. Meaning that, while I’m working through my reading lists as they stand now, I haven’t been as successful thinking about the sorts of books published more recently that might be worth looking into. Likewise, because anything can technically be considered for this list, it’s REALLY CHALLENGING to narrow down the options and places to look.

So what I’m asking is for anyone who has read something interesting — be it adult non-fiction OR fiction, YA fiction OR non-fiction and/or children’s fiction OR non-fiction — to give me some ideas of books to look at.

Here’s the caveat: I’m on the subcommittees looking at social science books and arts and humanities books. I’m interested in books that might fit those categories. For an idea of what’s in each category now, you can see the last updated lists here from 2009 (Arts & Humanities // Social Science).

What I’m asking for aren’t formal nominations or suggestions. Just tell me some stuff you’ve read and you’ve liked. I may or may not read it, but I want it as a way to expand my own thinking beyond what’s on the lists already. I want books published within the last 5 years only that are widely available (meaning I could get them at the library).

Hit me with great stuff you’ve read. Hit me with titles you think I should look at or consider reading. I’m making this a Google doc so no one has a name attached at all. I just want to think about good books that fit those categories. They’re broad.  

This is a box, so you can put as many titles and authors in as you want to.

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