So I want to talk about “new adult” at ALA

Are you an ALA member?

Liz Burns, Sophie Brookover, and myself have proposed a conversation starter for this year’s annual conference in Chicago, and we need your help to make it happen. After a wildly successful #readadv chat on the topic of “new adult,” we decided to put together a discussion proposal to take this conversation to the librarian arena. You can read the entire proposal here.

Here’s where ALA members come in: in order for our proposal to be accepted, we need support from people who’d be interested in hearing and participating in this discussion. The proposals are selected on a basis of 30% member vote, 30% staff vote, and 40% an ALA advisory board.

Voting isn’t too hard — click here, make sure you’re logged into ALA Connect, then click the thumbs up button. The voting is open until the end of March, and then we’ll hear back on the proposal in mid-April.

Fingers crossed we can take our conversation to this audience and if we do get the chance to, we’ll share the good news in hopes of seeing both ALA members and non-members attending the conference at our session.

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  1. says

    Don't think I'll be at ALA Chicago BUT I'd be fascinating to hear more on this topic. Right now I tell people that I write "high YA" and some have told me that New Adult characters have to be post-high school, but I think subject matter figures in, too, and I'm scouring the nets trying to learn more about this category in hopes of better understanding my own readership. Good luck with your proposal!

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