Links of Note for December 29, 2012

It’s the last installment of Links of Note for 2012 — and while it’s not as lengthy as most, what’s here is worth your time (and sorry no fancy pictures to jazz it up).

  • What happened to serendipitous book discovery? I have a lot to say in favor of this at a future date, but go read Stacy Dillon’s really thoughtful and powerful post on the importance and value of browsing for books, “Happy Accidents.” Also, if you missed it, please read Linda Urban’s passionate piece on making and unmaking readers over at the Nerdy Book Club. 
  • Forbes offers three book-related predictions for 2013. These are really interesting, especially the one about Goodreads. I’m sure if the monetizing happens, there will be a real uproar. I am already enjoying the uproar coming through with Overdrive’s new interface which allows them to monetize their library-related ebook lending services (this is in my sarcasm font and also, I HAVE already seen instances where people purchased an Overdrive book, rather than borrowed it. Sigh).
  • Publisher’s Lunch just launched Bookateria. If you’re looking for more information about new releases, about best sellers, and about books getting big buzz and push, this is a great resource to have on your radar.
  • Only fifteen million things about new adult in the last couple of weeks. There was the ridiculous New York Times article, which spurred the even more ridiculous Jezebel article, which launched Diana Peterfreund’s really thoughtful post. There was also the insane Guardian article. Jen Hubert over at Reading Rants has been noting books that feature a lot of what people WANT from new adult on her Slacker Fiction reading list (like “Scott Pilgrim”). I’m not commenting further because I’ve blogged this twice already, and my thoughts haven’t changed. These books exist. You have to look for them. Genre fiction is not an enemy. And so on. Liz is talking about “new adult” this weekend, too, so spend some time on this post and the follow ups she’s working on. 
  • Macmillian is launching “Swoon Reads,” a line of new YA-friendly romances. It’s crowd-sourced, meaning that readers will have a hand in helping make these stories make their way to print. It’s an interesting model, and it’ll be interesting to see what sort of success they might have with this (will people still buy print or ebook copies if they’ve already read it? How much editing will happen between crowd sourcing and final product?).
  • Here are the New York Times’s favorite book covers of 2012. Lots of non-people covers and lots that I agree with. I love good design so much. 
  • Ever wondered about board books? As someone who has purchased them for my library in the past and someone who shuffles through them to buy for my nieces, I was super interested in Jennifer Laughran’s blog post on the topic. Interesting stuff!
  • Go read Amy Spalding’s blog post titled “On Always Painting the House.” It’s about comedy and about mental health and about creativity and I think anyone who has ever created or thought about the creative process will get a lot out of it. This is a brave and honest post. 

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