Contemporary YA Fiction Week 2012: Wrap Up Post

This week, we heard about everything from alternative formats to sports book, from diversity to setting, and we wrapped up the week tackling the tough topic of sex and edgy content in contemporary fiction. These topics are only the tip of the iceberg though — contemporary YA takes on so much more than these issues, and more frequently than not, contemporary YA books take on more than one issue within one book.

Adolescence is, of course, that complicated.

To wrap up this week, I thought I’d share the link to last year’s contemporary YA fiction week posts, in hopes that something in there will stir up further interest and exploration. You can learn how to advocate for contemporary YA and you can learn about some classics in the genre. And if you missed it, you can check out the lengthy piece I wrote last month over at YALSA’s The Hub blog about the direction contemporary YA fiction will be going in the future.

Remember, too, that as readers, you have the opportunity to get contemporary YA not only in the hands of readers, but also in the hands of those who volunteer their time on YALSA’s book award and selection committees. It’s simple to suggest titles, and you can learn how here.

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