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I don’t usually post non-book related stuff on the blog, but because I am so proud of and pleased with the presentation that Jackie and I put together for ALA that I am sharing it here for anyone interested. Our presentation is called “Passive programming that’s anything but: reaching teens subversively,” and it’s all about passive programming for teens and passive reader’s advisory. For non-librarians, that’s programming you do with teens that requires little to no work, and book promotion that isn’t hand-selling a title.

I’ve embedded our prezi here for you to enjoy, and here is the link to look at our entire (massive) list of programming ideas. You are more than welcome to steal — just give credit where it’s due. We are hoping someone in the audience tweets what we’re saying, and if they are, the hash tag to look up is #subvertala. I take total credit for that.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to see us, who tweeted about our presentation, and who offered us kind words and support when we were still putting this together in the hours before we had to give it. We hope you get something out of it!

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I've passed it on to my teen librarian and he is going to try out some of your ideas. I hadn't heard about passive programming for teens, only children, but it really seems like a great fit for that age group.

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