On Blogging: An Unconventional Blog Tour

One of the best parts about blogging is getting to know other bloggers and not only getting to know them, but actually learning from them. Every blogger brings something different to what they do, be it by the way they approach writing or reviewing or by virtue of having a background or experience outside of blogging that influences them.

It’s from that thought where Liz and myself starting thinking: wouldn’t it be neat if a bunch of bloggers tackled a topic about blogging — ethics, politics, practices, etc. — that allowed them to really share the knowledge or background they have on those topics?

Welcome to an unconventional week of bloggers talking about blogging! 

Over the next five days, ten bloggers will be tackling a host of different topics through the lenses of their own expertise. We’re hoping this is not only helpful for new bloggers, but also seasoned veterans and anyone who interacts with bloggers or wants to be better about interacting with them. Check out the schedule below for participants and the topics they’re talking about. As posts go live this week, I’ll come back and link them up here.

We hope this is an opportunity for an open and honest discourse on blogging, but we also hope it’s educational and enlightening. Feel free to jump into discussions this week. We’re all eager to talk about these issues and share our knowledge as best we can.

Monday, May 28

Pam Coughlin (MotherReader) on Playing Nicely

Colleen Mondor (Chasing Ray) on Author-Blogger relationships

Tuesday, May 29

Liz Burns (A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy) on Audience and Writing for Readers

Ana and Thea (The Book Smugglers) on Maintaining Independence and Integrity

Wednesday, May 30

Sarah Moon (Clear Eyes, Full Shelves) on Finding Your Voice

Kelly Jensen (STACKED) on Leveraging Your Blog as Professional Experience 

Thursday, May 31

Sarah Bean Thompson (Green Bean Teen Queen) on Conference Professionalism

Kim Ukura (Sophisticated Dorkiness) on Objectivity vs. Transparency 

Friday, June 1

Sarah Andersen (YA Love Blog) on Community and Accountability

Kate Hart (Kate Hart) on Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due: Citing Your Sources

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  1. says

    I am so excited to participate in this and can't wait to read everyone's contributions. Thanks so much for organizing this, Kelly!

  2. Jamie says

    Thank you for this! I recently started blogging, and An Unconventional Blog Tour is answering a lot of my questions about the blogging process!

  3. says

    I found out about this tour late. Shiloh Walker mentioned it in her blog and I was reading that one a bit late. So far, I've found this to be interesting. I enjoyed many of the points made. I think I'm a bit outside of this blogging audience because I blog for myself? I'm always excited when people drop by my blog. But for the most part, my blog is to record my reviews for me. I don't expect people to contact me or even see my blog. Kind of interesting when the purpose is different. Good tips if I ever wanted to change my focus.

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