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I’ve been saving up a bunch of interesting book and reading related links worth sharing, so why not on Sunday afternoon before the dawn of a new week — though I guess some folks have tomorrow off for a holiday.

  • Naomi Bates, a librarian down in Texas, has created this really neat road trip of books. She’s put books set in different states together in a list, complete with book trailers. They’re all current titles (pubbed in the last couple of years) and it is worth checking out. They’re not road trip books, but rather books set in specific areas. She’s developed the “road trip” portion. 
  • Author Nova Ren Suma has been running a fantastic series over the last few weeks called Turning Points, and if you haven’t been checking in on it periodically, you are missing out. A wide range of authors have written up guest posts talking about what was the moment that changed their careers or their mindsets about pursuing their dreams. Some of these have moved me to tears because as much as they’re about writing, they’re about much, much more. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, spend a little time reading these. 
  • At the YA Blogger Meetup in Dallas, I met a librarian from Pittsburgh named Tessa and she started telling me about a blog project she and a friend were working on. Well their blog launched and I have to say I am impressed. I love their post from Valentine’s Day that is a book list featuring sweet romance (the innocent kind) and heavy romance (the sultry kind). 
  • Love Dystopian YA? Then make sure you’re spending time this month over at Lenore’s Dystopian February celebration. She’s got a ton of reviews, interviews, and title previews for dystopian titles that are out or coming out in the next year.
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    Lots of good links here! I've been checkin in with Lenore every day – gotta love those Zombie Chicken Merit Badges :) And I'd be curious to know which titles you've been nominating for YALSA!

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