Twitterview: Lynne Kelly (Chained)

Lynne Kelly, author of Chained, a middle grade novel due out from FSG/Macmillan in May, is the last of our featured authors to stop by for 12 Days of Class of 2k12. She’ll share her Twitterview today and tomorrow, we’ll share her guest post, since hers comes complete with images. You can find Lynne Kelly on her website.
Pitch your book in 140 characters:
Two friends, one a boy, one an elephant, want to escape the circus and return to their homes, even if it means saying goodbye to each other.
Who will this book appeal to?
Readers who love elephants! Also anyone who’d like to read an adventure about a kid trying to find his way back home.
Favorite moment or character in your book:
I really liked writing about one of the secondary characters, Ne Min, because he has an interesting back story.
What’s your writing routine?
It varies a lot, like my work schedule, & starts when I finally convince myself to get off the Internet & write.
What’s your best piece of writing advice?
Find a good critique group you trust and listen to their advice.
What’s been the most surprising part of the publishing journey?
How everything takes so long, when everything else seems to fly by.
What did you do when you learned your book would be published?
Reminded myself that running up and down the halls screaming at work would probably get me escorted out.
What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve received?
Even if you don’t feel like writing, sit down to do just 15 minutes’ worth; you’ll probably end up doing more. Works for housecleaning too.
What are your top three favorite books?
The Sky Is Everywhere, Looking for Alaska, The Hunger Games
What’s next for you?
A humorous YA mystery that’s close to home, so it requires far less research!
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