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Welcome to In My Mailbox, a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It’s a weekly look at the books received for review, from the library, or purchased in the last week.

This looks like a quiet week, but I did check out about 6 books from the library. I left them there, though, since I’m going to be reading them next week in preparation for a middle school book talk.

On another note: next week, come back for Guys Read Week here at STACKED. Abby will be hosting AudioSynced again so we can bring you a collection of book reviews, resources, and guest posts all about the importance of guy reading. You are in for a treat!

Without further ado.

For Review:

Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams (St Martins, available now): I think Carol Lynch Williams is on my top ten authors list, so to say I’m excited about her new book would be an understatement. Main character is 13 again and the story revolves around her mother’s mental illness. It sounded a little reminiscent of Holly Schindler’s A Blue So Dark.

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Molton (Harper Collins, available now): A fantasy. I know it’s gotten some rave reviews, but it’s not really my thing, so I’ll be passing this one off to my teens at work.

Abandon by Meg Cabot (Scholastic, April 27): Cabot’s new book is billed as way different in tone than her others — edgy and sexy. The cover reminds me a lot of her adult novel.

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    I read Angelfire last week and while it was ok it wasn't as spectacular as many have made it out to be. Since you're not a big paranormal fine you're making the right choice to pass it off to those that are.

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    @Michelle: Good to know! I know it will have a good audience but that's probably not me. I'm picky in my paranormal/fantasy reading, given the insane pile of reading I have.

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    Three awesome books! I haven't heard of the first one before, but I will definitely check it out now. And I really want to read Angelfire and Abandon! But especially Angelfire. It looks AMAZING.

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    What kind of reader are you?
    The Book Whore
    Your a collector. You buy and buy (or borrow) books like your life depends on it. Your constantly broke and have a book on you at all times. Your running out of bookshelf space and your always reading a book. Sometime more than one! Your never without, whether at dinner, at work, hanging with friends, etc. You even have an emergency book stashed in your car! You want to read any and all books as possible.

    The Book Tease
    You try and try, but can never finish, or in some cases start a book. But it looks so dang pretty as a shelf ornament. You buy books that sound interesting, but when it comes down to it, you'd rather do something else with your time. You love books, but hate reading. The next time you decide to buy a book, just save your money because you know you'll never read it.

    The Committer
    You read. You enjoy reading. But you can never find that one AWESOME book that you've read before. So instead of trying to find a book just as good, you'll read that awesome book over and over until you've worn it out to the spine. You love that book so much you feel like a cheater when you find another book that's just as awesome.

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