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Welcome to another edition of In My Mailbox, hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It’s a weekly showcase of the books received for review, picked up at the library, or purchased in the past week.

It was another quiet week here, though I did do quite a bit more shopping than originally planned. I did pick up a few titles through GalleyGrab, including the forthcoming Elizabeth Scott, Hannah Moskowitz, and Jenny Han, which I’m loading up on my Nook now.

For review:

Father of Lies by Ann Turner (available now from HarperTeen): Little gets me more excited than coming home to a hard copy of a book! This is a retelling of the Salem Witch Trials and it sounds like it’s up my alley.


As you’ve likely heard, a number of Borders stores are closing. I went to the nearest one to me closing (which, ahem, also happens to be the nearest large book store to me, period) to see what I could pick up. I picked up quite a few things.

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen: Herein I admit to never reading a full Jane Austen novel in my life, despite majoring in English (my specialty was more writing than British Lit). This little ditty will show up again on the blog — Jackie and I have a little project up our sleeves to help other readers who haven’t read this one pick it up (and to leave those who have read it enjoying it a little bit differently).

The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon by Sarah Beritia: This is a mystery I’ve been wanting to read for a little while, and when I saw it sitting there on a near empty shelf, I decided there was no better time.

Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick: I read Strasnick’s first book, Nothing Like You, and reviewed it here, so I’m interested in seeing what her second has to offer.

Dangerous Angels: The Weezie Bat Books by Francesca Lia Block: I’ve never read any of her books, and Block’s one of my best friend’s favorite authors. Since I’ve inflicted a ton of books upon her, I thought it would only be fair to return the favor. I also love that it’s an omnibus.

Roses & Bones: Myths, Tales, and Secrets by Francesca Lia Block: Again, same reason as above. Block’s really sort of a ground breaker in YA lit and was the rage when I was a teen. But I never read her.

Split by Swati Avasthi: I don’t own this one and since it won the Cybils award, I keep thinking about it. I want to reread it, which in itself says something about the power of this book. I snagged the last copy.

I like to call this small selection my comfort reading collection.

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson: Have I ever mentioned that Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite cartoon ever? Well it is. I have a few books on my shelves and am excited to add another. Calvin and Hobbes always cheer me up.

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker: I love this book, and I love Quinn. I cannot wait to revisit this one on a bad day (or on one of the inevitable cold days still in my future).

The Pigman by Paul Zindel: My husband and I got into a good conversation about how this was THE book we both read in middle school. It’s such a classic and still shows up in tribute in other ya books.

And finally, I bought one more book….

A Shore Thing by Snooki: After I laugh my way through it, this will make one heck of a white elephant gift, won’t it?

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    Wish a Borders was closing by me. Or well, wish there was Borders by me at all. I was not a fan of Strasnick's second book though I love the cover. Her first book just worked for me better. Lots of good books!

  2. says

    I hit mine (well, it was an hour away – the two nearest me are actually staying open!) right at opening, only walked out with two books. Of course, now I want to go back tomorrow and get some Block for myself!

  3. says

    @KellyJ I just wish there was a Borders period near me. I just have B&N which hardly stocks anything I like to read. The closest Borders is north side of Colorado Springs which is over an hour away. But then… I don't envy the line either. Though that should show how many book lovers are out there.

  4. says

    I'm sad that so many Borders stores are closing. I recently moved to a new city and was so excited to find a Borders half an hour away. I made plans to go back and visit often after the winter is over but it is one of the stores that are closing :( I hope I'll be able to make a trip before it closes.

    I want to read Father of Lies and Split. I hope you enjoy Sense and Sensibility. It is one of my favorite Jane Austen novels.

  5. says

    You totally just reminded me that I have Father of Lies in my TBR pile! I have to pick that one out soon. You did good at Borders! One of the DC stores had the sale this weekend but I didn't go, I knew the lines wouldbe crazy long and parking in there is equally frustrating. I just went to my local store and bought there instead :)

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    You are brave — so brave! — to pick up A Shore Thing. Just seeing Snooki's dumb hair bump on the cover almost sends me into a blind rage.

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