Cover Talk: Trend Within a Trend?

Obscured or cropped images of girls on the covers of YA books is no new trend, but I’ve noticed a different sort of twist on the idea on a couple of covers lately.


XVI by Julia Karr
Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Both of these covers seem to have two layers of images, where the top layer consists of a solid color, which is then partially carved away to spell out the title as well as reveal an image of a girl in the bottom layer.  The technique makes the girl do double-duty: she’s a snippet of the protagonist (we assume) as well as the way we read the title.  Additionally, both of these books are dystopias and both are published around the same time (Delirium on February 1 and XVI on January 6).

I’m almost positive I’ve seen other books with similar cover designs.  What do you think – eye-catching or not?

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  1. says

    I like it in XVI. I feel like the girl has a real emotion on her face, and there's definite impact. I think Delirium's cover, though, is a little strange. It looks like she's mid-sneeze. There's not a real expression to her face.

  2. says

    I did notice the similarity between these two and I do love the idea, although I agree with Kelly J that the expression on the Delerium girl is a bit weird. I like carving away for the title though.

  3. says

    I have to admit I liked the cover of the ARC for Delirium much better. I do think XVI looks a bit grittier and likely equates to the content of the book (as I've heard it) well.

  4. says

    XVI is the better of the two IMO, but I'd love to see what DELIRIUM looks like in finished print. There might be some awesome texture-ifficness going on. I lurve me some texture.

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