Double Take: A Wink and a Nudge

Here’s a double take for you — one that for some reason kinda creeps me out.

An Na’s The Fold was published in April 2008 by Putnam. It’s a stand out cover, despite kind of giving me the creeps. This one’s been out a couple of years and it’s so memorable to me that when I saw this next one — a book yet to be published — I knew it was a double take.

My Not-So-Still Life by Liz Gallagher will be published in May 2011 by Wendy Lamb books. It’s not exactly the same as the Na book, but the elements are the same: the one closed eye, the eye make up, the sideways face, the pink eye make up, and the short eye lashes.

I don’t think one does it better or worse. They’re different from other books, for sure.

Do you have a preference?

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