Cybils, 2010 Edition

I am so excited to be a part of the Cybils Young Adult Fiction crew again this year. Last year’s time as a judge was an absolute blast, and it was such a wonderful way to read some new-to-be books, hand out an award to a deserving author, and work with a variety of other bloggers in doing so.

This year, the wonderful Interactive Reader asked me to hop aboard the panelist side this year, meaning I’ll be reading copious books in the next couple of months to help narrow down the dozens and dozens (hundreds!) of entries down to just a few. I couldn’t be more excited to do that and to work with the other bloggers, some new to me and some people I know well. Check out their blogs, too, from the Cybils site.

Also, check out this great checklist courtesy of Maw Books of what YOU can do to be a part of Cybils. Get your nominations ready!

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    Congratulations, Kelly!! I was on the YA nominating panel in 2008 and it was so much fun! I would totally go for that panel again if I thought I would have time to do all that reading… I can't wait to see what's nominated and what makes the short list!

  2. says

    It is going to be total shock after being on the Judging panel last year where I only had to read 7 books. Fortunately, I have a hunch I've read a number of the titles already! What doesn't kill me, etc…. :)

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