Giddy delight echoed!

Are you in the Chicago area or in driving distance?

After a lot of ruminating and debating, going back and forth on spending the money and my birthday hours at a conference, I decided that after the absolute blast I had last year at the Anderson’s YA Lit Conference, I’m going to go again this year.

If you can, you should definitely go. This year’s line up is pretty exciting. I’ve met a number of these authors through ALA and BEA trips, but I am still excited to meet other new favorites, including Siobhan Vivian (review of her new book coming next week), Charles Benoit, and John Green and David Levithan. It is worth the $99, and the lunch I had last year was delicious.

If you’re going, leave a comment. I’d love to meet up with you and spend a little part of my special day with fun people. I’m also hoping to stalk down the table Siobhan’s sitting at . . .

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