What I’m Reading, Twitter Style

Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams: Non-Fiction story of finding the perfect house to buy, things never work out right & places are never what they seem. Totally up my alley.

Blankets by Craig Thompson: Another one of those books I’ve never read & KNOW I should. A “classic” to the graphic novel world that, too, has seen its share of critics.

Scars by C. A. Rainfield: Colleague told me to buy and read ASAP as our holds lists for this title have been growing steadily. Realistic fiction about sexual abuse.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen: A Dessen not read yet, but falls on an awards list. As the title suggested, I’m listening to the audio of this one & hope stronger than AFtR.

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson: Debut title follows Amy & her mother’s friend’s son Roger (her age) as they hit the road. Told in more than traditional narrative, looks fun.

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