Covers change the story

Remember this post, a long time ago, about changing covers on Judy Blume? My coworker and I got to talking about the changing covers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice — check out what vibes these different cover portrayals give the books:

Our main character look young. The cover’s a bit dated, but it looks classic.

This one looks like a fun ball, no? I love the blue and black with pink contrasts.

Good models on this one, for sure.
Twilight inspired? I mean, the quote at the top says “The Love That Started It All.” That wasn’t Romeo and Juliet? Alas, this one has no people and gives an edgy vibe.

This looks like a sweet read, no? I love how Austen’s name is central here.

This is a standard B&N issue. Looks a classic, and the girl on the bottom left looks angry about it.
Steamy romance inspired?

A total classic look.

Another “classic” look. Wait for the contrast with the next two:

This is my FAVORITE and one that has total appeal to a certain audience. I’m toying with buying a copy of this one for my teen department, since I think it would expose new readers to Jane Austen.

This gorgeous cover is apparently a rare find from UK’s “Book of the Month Club” copyright 1996. It took an hour to find an image of it, so it’s borrowed from Ebay (obviously, I kept the copyright on it there). This is my coworker’s favorite, and I have to say, it is beautiful. Just compare this one to my favorite — two entirely different takes on the book, no?

Do you have a favorite? Do any speak to you more? I – gulp – have NOT read this book, so I can’t give an opinion on content to cover matching. But that last one I’d pick up in a heart beat (as I would pick up the one I can’t locate an image from — think gorgeous old pink dress).

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  1. says

    All these different covers are so amazing! I'm very familiar with the "classic" looking ones (I own one of them) but the modern graphics look awesome too.

  2. Amy B. says

    I seem to remember having this conversation. Thanks for writing this up in a blog post. Every conversation we have is fodder for the blog, I think.

    Considering that you're linking my blog, I should probably update it, eh? On the to-do list!

    Perhaps reading P&P is on *your* to-do list now that it's "Read for a Lifetime" title?! It is my favorite! :)

  3. says

    Amy, it was inspiring to hunt around. Tonight, I ordered my own copy of P&P – the gothic one, natch – so I can actually read it. I found even more versions while hunting for that one.

    And yes, you DO need to update 😉

  4. says

    Weirdly enough, that "Book of the Month" cover is the P and P that I personally own (along with 2 more Austens). I actually dislike the edition– it's flimsy and somehow unsatisfying to hold, and the print is unpleasant to read– but I agree that the cover is beautiful. I had no idea I had a rare cover on my hands!

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