AudioSynced: Listen Up!

Listen up!

Abby and I are excited to announce a new meme highlighting audiobooks throughout the book blogging world. We hope you’ll join us.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you review them? Here’s an opportunity to share those insights if you do and a chance to get involved if you haven’t dived into this arena yet.

I’m hosting the meme this month, and it will post March 1. Between now and February 28, please post a link to anything you’ve posted about audiobooks in the month of February (yep, if it takes you until February 28 to post, that is totally fine). I’ll round up the links and share them all on the 1st.

We hope to make this a monthly event to put more emphasis on the value of and passion for audiobooks throughout the book blog world, as many readers get their reading done through audio, and the quality and enjoyment of audiobooks differs from reading the printed world.

So, hope in, share your links here, and spread the word. We’ll see you again for the first official AudioSynced post March 1, right here at STACKED.

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