ALA Youth Media Awards

We’ve talked about the Printz here, the Newbery, the Morris, and more. Now you can see who took home the ultimate awards right here.

I think the Printz list is pretty sad. None have moved much at my library – you know, with teens – though I haven’t read a single one myself. Three of the five are heifers in size: Going Bovine is 496 pages; The Monstrumologist is 448 pages; and Tales of the MADMAN Underground weighs in at 532 pages. Part of me wonders if “literary merit” – the goal of the award – actually just means Very Long Book.

I read and Kim blogged about this year’s Newbery, When You Reach Me. This was absolutely no surprise. An odd little book indeed, one which reminds me of One Of Those Books Adults Think Kids Like and Should Read. I don’t see kids liking this one. It’s too strange and told in a very traditional style (yes, it’s odd, but the story telling is straight out of a teen book from the 1970s).

As far as the Morris, I cannot be happier that Flash Burnout won. This was my favorite pick, though I didn’t think the committee would pick it. This is one that might just have some teen appeal.

But you know what the real good story of the entire youth media awards was?
The Twitter foible.

While I sat at my computer, thinking all of the things I was thinking about these choices (and how when I thought about becoming a teen librarian back in the day one of my mentors told me that an award sticker on a book is simply a seal of death for kids) I was really glad to see Random House Kids spill the beans too soon. Nearly 25 minutes too soon, in fact, they told us their “When You Reach Me” won the Newbery. Then School Library Journal claimed that Neil Gaiman did the same thing last year (he did not!).

That, my friends, was the highlight.

What did you think of the winners? Are you surprised or not?
Have any favorites for 2010 awards yet? I’ve got one to review this week that might just be a contender next year.

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  1. says

    I am floored about the Printz awards and am planning on writing a blog about the awards. I really wonder how they're choosing these awards sometimes.

  2. says

    I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for your post. I've been reading everyone else's takes on it. I don't have anything brilliant to add to the pretty intelligent discussions everyone else can come up with on this.
    But…seriously…I'm not compelled to even read any of the Printz titles. At least last year I tried.

  3. Anonymous says

    I feel like the only person in the Universe who disliked When You Reach Me. Not even the story, but the writing. Is anyone blogging about good writing AND good stories? There aren't enough of both, it seems, and I'm too cowardly to say so unanonymously because nobody shares my opinion.

  4. says

    Anonymous – I wasn't a huge fan of WYRM. I thought it was quirky. But appeal for kids? I don't see it. I didn't quite think this book was as fantastic as people made it out to be, either, so you AREN'T alone in your opinion. Same feelings about Calpurnia Tate…which I just HATED.

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