Double Take, Part XVII

What I like about this double take is how complimentary the two books would be!

Ending Violence in Teen Dating Relationships by Al Miles is a non-fiction title published by Augsburg Books in April 2005.

Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles — the paperback edition — was published in April 2007 by Flux. Although this isn’t a book about teen dating violence, I think that readers of this title might also be interested readers in the other one (and vice versa).

It’s the same stock image, just cropped differently and with a lighter treatment. When I stumbled across the first book, I instantly identified it as the same image on Elkeles’s title. In both cases, I think the cover is a perfect fit, and I love the wider focus on Leaving Paradise.

What do you think? I actually think the double take here is kind of a cool one.

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