Double Take, Part XV

This one’s not a perfect double take but close enough to be memorable!

Double Minds by Terry Blackstock was published in early 2009 by Thorndike publishers. I love that the orange stands out so well against the black background. The face creeps me out a little bit, though.

Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus isn’t out yet, but the ARC has been making the rounds on a number of blogs I read. This one will be out in June 2010 by EdgmontUSA. Again, I love the orange against the black, but I think I like the yellow font for the title just a teensy bit more than the white on the other cover. But honestly? As much as they both look similar, I like them both. I don’t think one’s done it better than the other.

What about you? Is one standing out more?

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  1. says

    It stands out! I like that there's not a person on it, which is getting to be kind of old for me. I don't want to have the characters shown, since so many of them look the same.

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