STACKED’s first book GIVEAWAY!

Since we’re new to the blogging world and we’d love to see who’s checking out our stacks, it’s time for the first official GIVEAWAY here at STACKED. Please read carefully and follow the easy contest rules to be entered in a drawing to win a copy of After the Moment and one other title of my choosing (and I promise it’ll be good — I’m debating among a few titled picked up during January’s American Library Association Midwinter Conference).

Contest Rules:
1. You must comment on this entry with your name and a link to your blog if you have one.
2. Recruit one new reader to our blog — all they need to do is comment with their name and a link to their blog if they have one and mention that they were directed here by you. They will be added to the contest, too, if they bring in a new reader.
3. If you don’t recruit a new reader, you can add a link to your blogroll to our blog. Just let us know which you did. We’ll also hang on to your links and include them on our blogroll (good reads to good reads is a good thing, isn’t it?)

Simple? You’re right. We want to connect to more readers, so we’re hosting the contest in order to find them.

The contest begins TODAY and runs through the end of the month (May 30 being the final day for the contest). Depending on how generous I am feeling and how many readers we’re able to connect with, I may throw in another book for a second winner. You will, of course, need to stay tuned for details.

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    Love the geo-reading concept and look forward to seeing it expand. I’ve added Stacked to my blogroll and am excited to continue reading! :)

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