Blast from the Past!

Did you have a favorite book or series from your youth you sometimes think about rereading? Well, if you’re like me and were enamored with The Babysitters Club right down to owning the movies and the board game, then you’re in luck. Not only are you in luck, but you’ll get to experience it in an entirely new way.

Scholastic has begun republishing the series as graphic novels. Although I am definitely biased and prefer the traditional text series, I think this is such a cool idea. Not only will it appeal to a new generation of girl readers who may otherwise find a lot of The Babysitters Club “old” (much like I did with The Bobbsey Twins), but it will definitely be a great series for those of us 80s and 90s kids who grew up with Kristy, Mallory, Claudia, and the rest of the gang.

You can preview the first few books here. Not only can you preview them, you can also partake in the quizzes to find out which babysitter you are (I’m Kristy). I’m kind of sad my favorite sitter, Abby, has yet to make the cut here. I’ll also confess here that one of the reasons I’m still fascinated with the series is that Ann M. Martin was indeed the first author I ever met (my mother let me miss a couple of hours of school to go see her in person back in 2nd grade!).

And if The Babysitters Club isn’t enough excitement for you, then hold your horses for this one. The Boxcar Children series — you know, the kids who solve mysteries — turns SIXTY years old. What better way to celebrate than to see the books being rereleased for a new reading audience to celebrate its inception more than half a century ago (WOAH!). You can check out the website here for more Boxcar Children fun.

Do you have a favorite series from your youth you’d love to see make a reappearance? I think it’s great that youth reading has gotten so good lately through not only strong promotion but through strong and interesting writers and stories. I’m just as excited to see these old staples of my childhood reappear, either in their traditional sense or remixed.

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    I, too, loved Sweet Valley Kids. The kids part is important, since I disliked Sweet Valley High (I heard they’re rereleasing those, too!).

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    I loved Nancy Drew. I only read the “original” stories with the yellow hardback cover, though. I never really liked the more modern ones.

    Now they are re-releasing the original stories, I believe, and reverting the text back to what it used to be. The text of the original stories had been updated – vocabulary, slang, etc.

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